JUKEBOX or ready, set, play

D.I.S. Harmonie
performance length: 60 min
free improvisation
Bored with other people‘s plays? Why not invent your own? Choose a theme, characters, story and D.I.S.HARMONIE will play it for you on the spot, with no preparation time. Our theatre JUKEBOX will make all your wishes come true.

D.I.S.HARMONIE presents audiences with improvisations, here about day-to-day life, there about the bizarre, without any preparation. Four actors and one musician entertain and surprise anyone audience member willing to share the adrenaline of unrehearsed theatre. Without any given theme or limitations – this is the free improvisation of D.I.S.HARMONIE.

The group was formed in 2001 as an independent group of classmates at the DAMU theatre academy who shared an interest in the study of improv. D.I.S. harmonious evenings always allow the audience a peek at the process of creating dramatic situations and allow it to see performance as dynamic play between the stage and the audience.