performance length: 120 min
lecturer: Clément Dazin
Reservations required on: katerina.visinska@tanecpraha.eu
Maximum participants: 20

In English

The workshop will focus on two different skills. The first one is about the time distortion: how one can move in slow motion and suddenly create high-speed movement that confuses the audience’s expectations. Through that, one can also try to listen to each part of the body and develop “a global body”. One can also develop the ability of listening to other people's propositions.

There will also be focus on the basics of juggling three balls. First moving in the space by using the trajectory of the ball, participants will also try to express feelings or emotions through the balls. Each will have the freedom to explore space and emotions through one, two or three balls according to his or her abilities.

Important notice: All participants should bring their own 1-3 tennis / juggling balls.

Clément Dazin started with gymnastics at the age of six. Ten years later he gets to learning circus and juggling, through which he discovers his creative and performing potential. He starts to develop his skills in dance, hip hop, contemporary dance and other techniques, including acrobatics and acting. In 2008 he takes up courses at the circus school in Lyon and later develops his education at Centre National des Arts du Cirque. He has collaborated with Philippe Genty, Aragorne Boulangere, Fatou Traoré, Johanne Saunier, Juliene Clément and Bruno Dizien, all of them imprinting largely on his work and style. In 2012, he was in tour with This is the end, show of the 23rd promotion of the CNAC. In November 2013 he created Bruit de couloir, a solo of dance and juggling.

Photo: Michel Nicolas