Jan Komárek
performance length: 60 min
no language barrier
concept: Jan Komárek
creation and interpreting: Andrea Miltner, Jana Wernerová
design: Jan Komárek
direction: Jan Komárek
script: Jan Komárek

A dance/movement project to the music of Alfred Schnittke in three parts: Concerto Grosso, On the Way and Time and Space.

A movement theatre fantasy about the connections between two women based on the intuitive similarities between them: similarities familial, genetic, and emotional. Jan Komárek’s theme is the mystery of our existence. Each of us is a mixture of how many other people? Who were these people and what were their stories? What of them remains in us ourselves?
Thanks to: Divadlo 29 Pardubice, Nadace Život umělce and Ewan Mclaren