IN TIME / Alfred Junior

performance length: 50 min
no language barrier
Our children's theatre studio's own performance in two stories. Both are about time. The first story takes inspiration from the story Seven Ravens, the second is loosely adapted from M. Ende's book Momo.

"So you think I am stealing time from other people? I hope you all turn into ravens!" Two stories about gritting your teeth and going to battle. Even if there's not much time, all is not lost. Hope, and times that are enjoyed in the heart can never be taken away.

Alfred Junior children's theatre studio presents its year-long work, this time with the theme of "time". As in past years this performance developed out of the collective devised work of instructors and children.

Instructors: Madla Koděrová, Dora Bouzková, Tereza Hradilková a Lukáš Bouzek
Performing: Artuš Passerin, Max Barger, Tonička Miškovská, Matylda Miškovská, Tobiáš Gůra, Marie Bouzková, František Bouzek, Evelína Torvinen, Johanka Svobodová, Dorota Gůrová, Kryštof Hamáček, Anna Svobodová, Josefa Houdková, Johanna Pěchoučková, Alfred Šrámek, Alexander Heldenburg, Ester Táchová, Diviš Machek, Mariana Issa, Marie Pěchoučková, Leonard Adamovič, Jaromír Korbel, Agáta Svobodová
Opening night: 11. 6. 2017, Alfred ve dvoře
Supported by/thanks to: MOTUS z. s. - produkce divadla Alfred ve dvoře

Engaged in theatre in education work for children aged 6 - 12, the Alfred Junior children's studio has worked since 2006 in the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre. Using the approaches of devised theatre it inspires and develops artistic sensibility, sensitivity to the group, awareness of space as well as creativity both in physical motion and visual arts.