Petra Tejnorová & the Company
performance length: 120 min
from myth to material
Although the text we have taken as inspiration features time-honoured subject matter which calls out to be labelled “the eternal theme of love“, we see it as entirely invigorating, fresh material which fits the need for reflection on civil society issues today like a glove. It also offers an excellent opportunity to express principles of what is often described as “new theatre“.

With great love and full of respect we return to tragic genres and the principles of catharsis, yet try to avoid acheiving them using “proven“ time-tested methods. IAS ON ME DE A is a theatrical survey of the border regions between myth and material. On the foundation of this survey the walls between individual components and genres can disappear to make way for new fields, fields for which we are still searching for the rules.

We take inspiration from the texts of L. A. Seneca, Euripedes, Thomas Dreyer, Fritz Kater, Heiner Müller and the work of theatre groups like Dorky Park, Dood Paard, Yael Ronen & the Company.

“While working on the production we draw from the Devising theatre, a theatre based on the very process of its own formation, and this process becomes an inseperable part of the concept in each element of the performance, strongly influencing the resulting form on the stage“ says the Company.

Director Petra Tejnorová is a bold member of a new generation of theatre artists.

“Petra Tejnorová’s productions are dark, somber and depressing. She portrays a world of tense pathological relationships. She places emphasis in her work on the actor’s body and a theatrical shorthand, and music plays an important role in her work. Tejnorová knows well how to create a magical mood onstage; she provokes the audience with an earthy sensuousness and with exacting, stylized movement.” (Kateřina Dolenská)
Supported by:
This project is presented by ALT@RT in cooperation with the Alfred ve dvoře theatre with the support of the City of Prague, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, DILIA, the Josef, Marie and Zdeňka Hlávek Endowment , the Život umělce Foundation and the DAMU theatre academy.

Photo: Aňa Šebelková Photo: Aňa Šebelková Photo: Marek Bartoš Photo: Aňa Šebelková Photo: Aňa Šebelková Photo: Aňa Šebelková Photo: Aňa Šebelková