Endless hit-chart of dance & physical theatre
performance length: min
A hit parade of dance and motion theatre
no language barrier
The 26th round of the endless cult hit-chart! From the last round we have Benes Bubak and the choreography Prameny Harapese v lese. New to this round is Pedro Perez. Besides Pedro audience will see the Neznamy komik (Unknown Comedian), Gene Gene The Dancing Machine, Mistr Spick, Muž Který Něco Snědl (Man Who Ate Something), Košile Která Stále Tančí (The Non-stop Dancing Shirt) and many other artists.

The task is easy: to compose choreography based on any theme, out of diligence. The limits are negotiable: one sound motif, one scenic component, a compact concept. The maximum length is 20 minutes per choreography. From four performances in one evening, all connected with short sketches of moderators, the audience chooses who goes through to the next round. One piece of choreography can win no more than three times in a row. The three continuous wins get the Foam Rubber Trophy. PLAGIARISING ALLOWED!

The Homework from Diligence series of performances proves physical and dance theatre could be a successful genre in the Czech Republic. Apart from a unique show of talented local and foreign artists the hit chart offers a liberating outlook, self-irony and sense of humour. That is why it attracts even those who do not have any previous experience with alternative theatre.

The programme is presented by Jan Benes, Jan Kalivoda, Johannes Dorner, Vojta Svejda, and other occasional presenters.

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