Adriatik Presents
performance length: 90 min
A hit parade of dance and motion theatre
In spite of earlier announcements that this series was to come to an end with its 30th round in June, our popular hit-chart lives on, and turns out to be truly neverending!
But – as the creators of the hit-chart say – never trust anyone over thirty...
This round’s task: to create a choreography on any punk theme (or not). Limitations: No limits / No future / No scouting

From four performances in one evening, all connected with short sketches of presenters, the audience chooses which one goes to the next round. One choreography can only win three times in a row. Three wins gets the Foam Rubber Trophy. Plagiarism allowed!

Performers: Jello Safra, Iggy Pop, Johny Rotten, Sid Hošek and other artists!