HoME Theater Profile
performance length: min
a site-specific performance in the home of an audience member
A series of performances that are always new depending on the apartment where they take place! The project won the Production of the Year Award at the Next Wave Festival in 2006.
The place where we live reflects our tastes, our needs, our culture, family, personalities, hopes, fears and yearnings. Over several days the team intensively examines the space and its inhabitants. It then prepares an hour-long performance about the nature of the space and the people that live in it. They use prepared materials adapted to the needs of the given space, new materials developed on the basis of the space and the people who live in it, and improvisation. The objects, colours, smells, books and layout of the apartment as well as events from the lives of the hosts become the language of the performance.
Due to limited space, it is necessary to reserve tickets by sending an email to howardlotker@gmail.com. You will receive information about the location and time of the performance a week before it takes place.