HOBGOBLINS / Toy Machine Theatre

For kids 3 and up
performance length: 40 min
A very magical shadow puppet show
Created and performed by: Tomáš Běhal, Pavel Heřmann
There are a thousand kinds of hobgoblins. Some are good, some are crafty and others are downright malicious... One of the most sly and treacherous ones is Stompyfoot the hobgoblin, but also the infamous Spitoon. The moody Dwarf kind of hobgoblin is quite unpredictable and among the nicest are the hobgoblins of the night: they bring good to people and give them beautiful dreams. All of these appear in this performance that uses shadow play to breathe new life into old tales.


Photo: Divadlo Toy Machine Photo: Dita Havránková Photo: Divadlo Toy Machine