theatre castration
A ghost story set in an old Chinese house. Innumerable secrets hidden behind the dark rooms illuminated only by a dim candlelight and hundreds of fireflies outside the windows. Motif of power in a family concealed in the arms of tiny blooms withering in a porcelain bowl. Life perishes and the backs of the inhabitants arch in the omnipresence of ghosts and demons.

A little bit about predetermination in our lives, about enchainment being the matter of internal rather than external bondage and about the internal and the external being totally dependent. An attempt to protect the intimate INSIDE is directly linked to the things OUTSIDE and somewhere in this relationship the image of the invisible, intangible culprit emerges.

Our life is determined by the judgments of others. Our life does not belong to us. The atmosphere of an old house inhabited by five lonely women. They wear white make-up, a touch of red powder blush on their cheekbones, thick hair like black clouds, bloom on their forehead, lips like little cherries. The house is a parallel to the soul. Inside its silent walls the women wither away. There is no power to confront it; the house acts like an organism, like a machine. The unspoken remains inside.
with the support of: MOTUS, C.A. – Alfred ve dvore Theatre production, Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic