Secondhand Women
performance length: 70 min
That mysterious spot in place and time
The whole performance is in Czech and English

Secondhand Women introduce the beginnings of their new, shared existence as aging ladies. Following a successful triad of shows looking ahead, we now look back and ask with Michael Jackson: What about us? What has become of our performance creation work in the last ten years? And what is to come? Inspired by the cruel and vulgar judgements forced on those poor fools stripped bare in shows like Superstar, Talentmania and Vitadepression, we all give each other a good slap on the back.
Secondhand Women is an international democratic theatre cabinet founded in 2003 by five independent female performers, now aged 39-47: Petra Lustigová, Daniela Voráčková, Halka Třešňáková, Stefania Thors and Helene Kvint. They are addicted to humour and have an insatiable appetite to get to the bottom of things, from raising flocks of sheep to investing on the stock market. They can also iron your laundered money. They come from three countries: the Czech Republic, Iceland and Denmark.