Days of Exchange / MAY 15 – 18 / Profile of contemporary Hungarian dance group L1 DanceLab
performance length: 50 min
no language barrier
We know It to be vociferous, forever on the run, rowdy, often vulgar. And yet It can look so lonesome, all walled up, with the blinds down. It has a callous face but It is still somehow vulnerable. Its façades glisten.
Its arms and face always in some other place: all desire inside, while living on the outside.
We do a headstand, take a look at It, laughing.
Sponsors: L1 Independent Dancers’ Partnership, NKA, Cultural Committee of the Budapest City General Assembly
Media sponsor: Pesti Est Súgó
Special thanks: László Keszég, Ádám Petri Lukács, Bence Járdány, Zsolt Nagy István, Ildikó Lőkös