Movement controlled by binary code
performance length: 50 min
no language barrier
Dance and visual theatre about humans in a world of binary numbers, where major change happens when the right button is pressed.
The audience becomes witness to the collaboration of scenography, interactive projections, dancers, and a composer.

Do you feel threatened by it?
I keep thinking about it.
Do you want to understand it?
I would like to but I can’t find the time.
Until you fall off the train.
Who are your friends?
Everyone whom I know who answers me.
How close are you to it?
It is almost part of me. I keep on having to rotate around it.
And does it rotate around you?
And does it turn around me?
I hope it doesn’t see me everywhere.
But it does.
They send messages without my permission.
Does everyone read those messages?
No, if I stop, I won’t keep up. It will run me over.
So escape.
I have the feeling that I need the information, yet at the same time it overwhelms me, I have to learn how to filter it. Lots
of useless bits of information.
Such as?
Such as letters.
I mean it is not clear whether you are supposed to understand them just the way they are written.

is a newly formed group of young dancers, founded in 2011 by recent graduates of the Duncan Centre Conservatory. Their focus in the world of dance and scenic arts is on finding a symbiosis between dance and other disciplines of arts and science. Two of the members performed
in vignettes called Sport in Images under the direction of choreographer Petra Hauerová at the 2012 Olympic Games in London as part of the Czech Centre’s program.

Ondřej Krejčí
was a guest artist in the Déjá Donné dance group, participating in the creation of the Not Made for Flying project. From 2011-2012 he was
a member of the Sounding Motion dance group under the direction
of Imogen Bland. He dances in the Czech Olympic House during the 2012 Olympic games. Presently he works in London as an independent artist.

Pavla Vařáková
continued her studies at the London Contemporary Dance school, where she received a Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Dance
in 2012. Presently she works as freelance dancer in London, where she participated in preparations and performances in the Czech Olympic House at the 2012 Olympic games.

Kateřina Blažková
was a guest artist in the Déjá Donné dance group, where she participated on the creatio of the Not Made For Flying project in Munich and Italy. Presently she works as a freelance dancer and dance teacher at the Choceň Basic Arts School.

Sabina Novotná
participated in a six month internship at the Escola Superior de danca dance university in Lisbon. Presently she works as a freelance dancer and teacher of contemporary dance at Kredance in České Budějovice.

Markéta Kuttnerová
completed an internship at Tilburg in the Netherlands, at the Hoogeschool voon de Kunste. In 2012 she founded maiaproduction, under which she created LV-426, which has been performed many times in the Czech Republic and abroad. Presently she works as a freelance arttist in Prague and in Basel.
Supported by:
the City of Prague, Motus o.s. producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, the Duncan Centre Theatre and Festis Alfa spol. s.r.o.