performance length: 50 min
concept: Eduard Kudláč
performing: Tomáš Hudcovič
visual and sound act: Zdeno Hlinka / ZDEN
The Slovak masters of experiment return to Prague with part one of their new MOTIONS project, looking at the collapse of our self-confidence and motivation: visual, formal and intellectual de-construction in real time. "What´s your goal in life?" "Why do you think I have a goal in life?"

PHENOMENONTHEATRE was established in 2000 as an independent platform for contemporary theatre.
Projects: Korektúra korektúry /2000/, Fyzikálne projekty – Cvičenie1 /2002/, ANGLE /2003 – co-production with KOLOMAZ.
Selected festivals: Altfest festival, Bystrica – Romania 2000, Sib-Altera Festival Novosibirsk 2001, Friends Festival Dortmund 2002, the Czech-German Festival Regensburg 2003, MINDCSAPE Project Athens 2003