Film essay MUSHROOM

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HANDA GOTE research and development began work on project MUSHROOM.

The director Vít Janeček will be present at the screening and will introduce the film in person. This film essay illustrates on many examples of study of mushrooms as well as experiences with mushrooms, the relationship between organisms and plants as well as human society, in which mushrooms become not only food, ecological promise or a motivation for a walk in the woods but also the analogy to human thought. The film features the director Tomáš Vorel, philosopher Zdeňek Neubauer, mycologist Dr. John Dodd and others.

Vít Janeček’s film Fungus shot in 2000 introduces several notable personalities who share an interest in a complex and interesting phenomenon: mushrooms. The film treats this phenomenon from the biological, artistic and social viewpoint.

“Director and scriptwriter Vít Janeček managed to break down the stereotypical view of mushrooms as forest plants meant to be collected. He introduces mushroom as a fascinating organism and draws unusual analogies between mushrooms and the behaviour of industrial society”
Radek Novák,

VÍT JANEČEK (1970). Documentarist, film essayist, professor at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). He is a graduate from Cinema Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy & Arts of the Charles University in Prague and the Documentary Filmmaking at FAMU. In the 90’s he worked as a dramaturgist of film projects in ROXY NoD Experimental Space, Archa Theatre and as a programmer of historical retrospectives at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. He has a long-term professional interest in film theory, documentary cinematography and interdisciplinary relations between artistic and knowledge disciplines. He co-founded the FAMU Centre of Audiovisual Studies in Prague, where he presently works.
HANDA GOTE research and development began work on project MUSHROOM. The project in which the theatre company examines the phenomenon of mushroom from many different angles, should premiere in autumn. During the preparatory phase, the group has decided to open several inspirational meetings to the public.

photo Tomáš Procházka photo Tomáš Procházka