Exceptional theatre event
performance length: min
Petr Váša
performed by: Petr Váša
A journey through the evolution of an artistic genre uniting poetry, music, theatre and fine arts resulting in an extraordinary synthesis.
Among the main inspiration sources of physical poetry besides the day-to-day experience are the histories of various artistic genres, history and theory of religion, psychology and biology. The very beginnings of the physical poetry were occasional prankish readings of a poem “Lokomotivám se motají kola“ (The Locomotive Wheels Reel), vocal and dramatic parodies of Russian Futurism that Petr Váša has been performing to entertain his audience since 1985.
The art of physical poetry is predominantly concerned with complexities of language - language that is personal and universal at the same time. The evolution of this method initially resembled a vocal-dramatic animation of Czech texts. Later, it acquired a form of action poetry constructed from debris of Czech, Latin, other world languages and artificial languages. Furthermore, it transformed into a "soundtracked pantomime“ accompanied by a spontaneous play with sound and an immediate context situation. At the moment it has resulted in a mixture of all of the above-mentioned techniques translated into a "trans-Latin“ myth of Dvojče Z Písně (Tom Van Song). Physical poetry is the embodiment of alter-nativity.
This project is staged in partnership with the festival …příští vlna / next wave…