FAUST / Toy Machine

Travelling Czech puppeteers' version of a tragic tale
performance length: 45 min
Faust's thirst for knowledge is so big that he is ready to die for it. He signs a pact with Mephisto and his soul could indeed go to hell. How easy is it to go astray? How hard is it to meet the devil? How complicated is it to abandon dreams of becoming a better person? Travelling Czech puppeteers' version of a tragic tale.

Performance is in Czech and is suitable for kids 6 and up.

Performing/Puppeteers: René Vitvar, Dora Bouzková/Pavel Heřmann, Tomáš Běhal
Graphic design: Tomáš Běhal, Pavel Heřmann
Directed by: Tomáš Běhal & collective
Many thanks to Mirek Trejtnar for being a great help making the puppets.

Toy Machine Theatre specializes on puppet and object theatre, continuing the strong puppet tradition of the Czech Republic. The team's members are fascinated with puppets in just about any form, and for this very reason are not afraid to break the rules of puppetry sometimes. The puppet shows of Toy Machine Theatre are intended for all kinds of audiences - they engage both children and grownups.