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A regular confrontation of various literary styles and forms of performance, glimpses of genius and naked graphomania, all this is the Eye of Poetry cabaret which, under the name of Blackeye, has moved to Alfred ve dvore.

The first BLACKEYE will be opened traditionally by an 8-year old poet, Emma, followed by the essential poet Radana Satankova and the unfettered Jim. The first third of the poet match will be rounded off by the heartfelt and ironic star Vera Dumkova.

In the second part you will have the last opportunity to hear and see the formation of unreal poetry entitled Ota Kars und Kampeles. Their good-bye to adolescence is a performance that you cannot describe, with sounds and texts, and with three famous musicians meeting one complete musical and rhythmical dilettante.

The last third is dedicated to the favourite Hyde Park where everyone can perform. The winner, the author of a poem no more than one minute long on a given topic, receives a valuable prize. Cyril Babel will play during the intervals between the performances. The whole event is accompanied by Sergej and Fouki in the role of mischievous moderators.