performance length: 57 min
An interactive horror for very brave children (9 and up) and their parents. / in Czech.

Just because we don't know much about the grave doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. On the contrary! The more we speak about it the more we realize, it is everywhere.
But I am fearless, and so off I go to the final frontier. What urges me forward is my curiousity, that amazing human characteristic, that can overcome the fear of discovering something terrifying.
There are some individuals who have managed to see what is behind the curtain of life. Most likely by chance. But I approach things as a scientist: the molecules in our cells prepare, share and develop information about when our natural death will come. What will they reveal to us, if we take them by surprise? That is my scientific experiment! Using my powers of persuasion and daring I have managed to convince the government that for these unusual experiments I be allowed to use real human material!
Those already condemned to die have nothing to lose anyway, am I right?

Ústav úžasu is a free society consisting of several actors, musicians, set designers and dancers cooperating with actor and writer Jakub Folvárčný on theatre performances and other art projects. For this work lighting and set designer Jan Dörner joins forces with the society for the first time.

Performers: Jakub Folvarčný, Jan Dörner

Website: www.ustavuzasu.cz

Other performances of the group include: The Wolf and Hunger (2006), Through the Ears of Autumn (2008), Trapped in the Body (2012), Karel and Jaromír´s Fairy Tale (2010), The Unfortunate Builder (2011), Cirkus Prdítko (2013), Life is Forever (2014), The Fatal Match (2015)
With the support of MOTUS - producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre.