ESCAPES / Dominika Andrašková

performance length: 60 min
The story of a young woman who has found herself in prison (again). Little room, little distractions, lots of time.

Escapes is inspired by the life and work of French poet, criminal, and prostitute Albertine Sarrazin, who spent eight of her 29 years in prisons or juvenile institutions. In her first novel, she spent 500 pages describing more than 25 ways of escaping from prison. Not one of those escapes was ever realized.

What is the driving force that moves us forward? Are we even capable of differentiating when our movement is motivated towards something and when we are trying to get away from something? Where is the line between the two? If movement is an absolute value in society, what is its view on movement in a circle? Or movement in place? Or is it the semblance of movement that is important, and we can ignore points A and B? And besides, why are we convinced that things at point B will be better than at point A?

Performance is in Czech.

Written and directed by: Dominika Andrašková
Dramaturgical assistance: Matěj Samec
Stage and costume design: Ivana Kanhäuserová
Sound and music: Darya Samokhvalová
With: Julie Goetzová, Jana Kozubková, Daniela Voráčková, Jakub Gottwald, Miluše Hradská

The creator of the Escapes project Dominika Andrašková previously staged Sarah Kane’s classic play 4.48 Psychosis (Studio Alta, 2013), organized the film and performance series Consequences of Bizarreness II (MeetFactory, 2014), and helped to organize the Czech national exposition for the 2015 Prague Quadrennial, SWEET SWEET SWEET Heavenly Festival. She also works as a scriptwriter and translator. For this production, she asked various colleagues to use their experiences from a diverse range of the theatre arts and, working with the related forms of expression, to create a shared, multilayered testimony on escapes, alibis, and confrontation.

Premiere: 5. 6. 2016, Alfred ve dvoře
With support from / acknowledgements: Motus, producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, State Culture Fund, The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Život Umělce Foundation, and MeetFactory o.p.s.

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