Meet your neighbors - share the space and inspire each other
performance length: 600 min

This September, for the seventh year in a row we invite you to take part in our neighborhood festival Different City Experience and the Great Autumn Bike-ride.

The festival was first conceived as a celebration of public spaces and an attempt to temporarily transform the city into a pleasant living space, in reaction to the idea of European Mobility Week. We close several street or areas to cars and try to create a zone without motor vehicles, where people can move on foot and on bikes safely and in comfort, and enjoy music, food, beverages, and above all, each other's company.
The following city neighborhoods have committed to taking part this year (so far): Žižkov, Vinohrady, Vršovice, Letná, Smíchov,Dejvice, Strašnice, Karlín, Braník, Buďánka, Malá Strana, Troja, Palmovka, Hlubočepy, Břevnov, Jižní město, Haštal and Wenceslas Square. Other organizations, groups and individuals are joining in...

The program in Františka Křížka street, the Letná Zone, starts at 2 PM. Here is the line-up so far:

reSITE and the UrbanACT project
UrbanACT is a student project that shows how the quality of city life is not about the spending of finances, but about the approach of people, who are its fundamental part.
The main goal of urbanACT is to awake the interest of the public in the city they call home, and bring them into discussion and into proposals of how to improve public spaces.

ARCHIP Private International University
ARCHIP is also a platform for architecture with a focus on information, education, and publishing. It runs exhibition spaces, a library of architecture with a magazine reading room, providing coures in lifelong education and it also provides lectures of both local and international architects.

Live Music on the LETNÁ LIVE! stage
Wild Tides "short, impactive, sweaty songs about that liberating feeling that you can only get at night on an abandoned beach, where through sunglasses you watch as the foam of the waves washes the golden toes of your cowboy boots"
J or "Jéčko" is a one-man garage band - Jakub Jirásek. He play the guitar, sings about his friends, his travels and his girl. This is all accompanied live by his iPod.
KPFRM (Kratochvíle Pánů Franty, Radima, Milana) cooks up its high octone mixture using unusual ingredients and is in the habit of constantly surprising its fans.

Tadyto is fashion, art, jewelry, design and birch.
Tadyto will participate in A Different City Experience with a special sales stand, workshops for kids (for making badges, jewelry, painting on textiles), theatre performances on fashion plus a fashion show of outfits make of recycled materials.

K14 & BISTRO 8 Picnic Zone
K14 (Kostelní 14) has signed on with a neighborhood barbeque (bring your own zucchini, sausage whatever suits your fancy), come sit and hang out with the neighbours.
BISTRO 8 (Veverkova 8) will tickle the tastebuds of all visitors.

Who else is joining the fun? Us of course, Motus, producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre and the Bio Oko cinema with their first confirmed film that evening, Urbanized.

Want to join in too?
We are looking for volunteers and organizations who would like to show what they've got or just help out. We accept all applications until the end of August 2012 at the address pr@alfredvedvore.cz or olja@biooko.net.
The idea: Auto*Mat o.s.
Production at Letna zone: Bio Oko, Motus and K14

Your city through a different lens 2011, photo Ondřej Pelikán T. Benešová a D. Stojčevski reSITE: urbanACT K14 ARCHIP Bio Oko: The Trip Wild Tides Pragulic: Homeless tours J Letná Sobě: Ping Pong KPFRM SUteren Tadyto Compagnie Des Pieds Perchés: Foutaise To či to Segra Segra Bio Oko: Urbanized Ulicnik.cz Bistro 8 Police of Czech republic Saša Michailidis Iuridicum Remedium Vývařovna.com DJ Robot Alchymista sweetshop Luciela Taschen Bio Oko: SuperClásico