performance length: min
physical theatre
A point where the river meets the sea being no longer the river and not yet the sea - delta. Through a similar space a metaphysical body of human subconsciousness travels between the limits of human body and soul. Where to? Delta is where the waters of the river meet the sea. A place, where the known meets the unknown. What happens to the female body in the short period between dying and death? The hidden aim is to explore the space of human existence in which time, space and desire lose their significance. Where the existence is stripped to its essence.

Creative research of the artistic tandem of Bulgarian experimental director Petar Todorov and Slovenian choreographer Gregor Kamnikar continues with Delta. The performance is a follow-up to an outstanding and internationally acclaimed project Anatomy of Extreme. Delta Venera begins where Anatomy of Extreme has ended. The death of an old woman.
This performance was put up in partnership with: Pro Rodopi Foundation (Bostina, Bulgaria), Ops! Productions (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Trucsphérique (Stanica Žilina, Slovakia), Theater des Augenblicks (Vienna, Austria)

The opening night takes place on October 6, 2006 in Slovakia in Stanica Žilina cultural centre. The Prague performance is kindly supported by Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Prague.