DAY OF THE DEAD - DIA DE LOS MUERTOS 2015 / Motus & Cristina Maldonado

An afternoon full of colours for children and their parents.
performance length: 300 min
no language barrier
“The old Mexicans did not perceive life and death in contrast as we do. Life continued in death, while on the other hand death was not the natural end of life but only one chapter in a never-ending story. Life, death and rebirth were only different stages of the endlessly repeating universal process.“
Magdaléna Koháková, Literární noviny

Dia de los Muertos is a traditional celebration which take place every year all over Mexico. It’s a very important holiday in which pre-Hispanic culture meets the Catholic church, and a very emotional time, though these emotions need not be negative. The sadness we feel thinking of the loss of loved ones can blend with celebration, because death as the Mexicans see it is not a definitive end to life, but just another kind of life. The celebration of the Mexican Day of the Dead is split into two parts, the first is All Saint’s Day, which is celebrated on the 1st of November, the second is the Day of the Faithful Dead on the 2nd of November.

Motus, in cooperation with Cristina Maldonado, brings a bit of Mexico to the Czech lands this year for the tenth time! Against the romantic background of Stromovka park children and their parents can learn these traditional practices, participate in a parade of lanterns, hear real live Mexican music, see performances for kids, installations made of food and join various workshops!
With the support of: Loutky bez hranic, Prague 7 City District, Embajada de México en la República Checa, Artual, Kreslírna.