performance length: min
action – installation – performance
no language barrier

Production: Malvína Řezáčová
As.production: Milena Fabiánová a Tereza Vohryzková
Runner: Denisa Burešová
Driver: Alexandr Budka

Program and guide in whole the event: Dora Bouzková
Deaths-usherettes: Adriana Máčiková, Marie Švestková, Kristýna Vojtíšková, Jana Doudová

Theatre performance „La Kantýna“: Anička Duchaňová a Michal Němec
Theatre performance „Dance about the death“: Jan Komárek, Andrea Miltnerová, Petra Mandová
Mexican band: El Mariachi

Food instalation: Štěpánka Blahovcová a Bára Motlová

Workshop „sugar sculs“: Daniela Klimešová, Katka Vorlová, Martin Dufek, Karolína Klimešová
Workshop „mini mexican altars and lamps“: Kateřina Housková, Silvie Gajdošíková, Denisa Burešová
Konception „mini mexican altars and lamps“: Radka Mizerová

Mexican altar: Jiří Trajer
Mexican altar explanation: Adoración Terazzas

lights: František Fabián a Patrik Sedlák
building: Lukáš Bouzek
Oheň: Zdeněk Štěpka

refreshment: Dan Dittrich a Jolana Taublerová, Fosil bar

We thank sincerely to all others, who supported us and came to help us!!!

The old Mexicans perceived life and death in a less antagonistic manner than we do. Life continued in death, on the other hand death was not the natural end of life but only one stage of a never-ending story. Life, death and rebirth were only different stages of the universal process which always repeated.
The celebrations of the Day of the Dead in Mexico are underlined by the conviction and belief that the quality of this life is to a great extent affected by our behaviour to the dead.

Programme of the Day of the Dead:
.:. Decoration of sugar sculls
.:. tasting the feast food “Mr de Muerto”
.:. explanation of the attributes of the typical Mexican altar
.:. workshop for home altars
.:. making lanterns inspired by the coloured Mexican napkins “papel picados”
.:. performance Dance about the death - dance and creation A. Miltnerova, choreografy Jan Komarek
.:. theatre performance of Anička Duchaňová and Lucie Marquezová

The event will be held in Stromovka near Slechtova restaurant from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Held in cooperation with Municipality of Praha 7.
We would like to thank Nuevo Progreso