Karine Ponties (Fr / Be)
performance length: 60 min
three dance solos on a theme
no language barrier
A body rises, at the pinnacle of its own chaos. Mouthed words, a new body, a project of exile, a dream in action, until the very end.

A being in perpetual change, trying to define itself by simulating the very creature which it is supposed to oppose.

Fidele á l’éclair
A bogeyman’s body is composed of many kinds of scary characters - all intended to frighten children.

Karine Ponties was born in France in 1967. Her foray into dance began with studies at the Juan Tena and Ramon Soler dance schools in Barcelona, and culminated in her matriculation from Maurice Bejart’s Mudra school in Brussels in 1986.
She has worked as a performer with several companies, notably Frédéric Flamand, Michèle Noiret, Nicole Mossoux/Patrick Bonté and Pierre Droulers among others, in addition to founding Dame de Pic/Cie Karine Ponties in 1995. In 1996 Ponties was honored with the laureate of the 4th Edition of Les Pépinières européennes for young artists.
In her nearly 15 years of choreographing for the company, she has created over twenty works including commissions for the Helsinki Theater Dance department, Het Muziek Lod in Ghent, the D.C.M. Foundation in Bucharest, Montréal Danse, La Petite Fabrique in Paris, Transdance
Europe 03-06; she was most recently one of 7 European Union choreographers selected to participate in the EU-Russian contemporary dance project, INTRADANCE (2010).
The performance was created in production of Cie Dame de Pic.
The tour is organized by REPT, o.s. and is finincially supported by Ministry of Culture ČR, Wallonia Brussels International and Život umělce foundation.