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MON 13 December / 20:00
Theatre in Film
LANDSCAPE OF DESTINY / director Pavel Kolaja / 60 min
An original portrait of dramatist, actor and writer Ivan Vyskočil: a unique artistic testimony and extraordinary pictorial poem. Awarded at the Na MFF Art & Films 2009.

TUE 14 December / 20:00
The Visual Arts in Film
F. KUPKA, SYMPHONIST OF COLOURS AND PAINTER OF THE COSMOS / director Daniela Gébová, animation Šimon Koudela / 33 min
The winning film at the MFF Art & Films 2010 captures all of the phenomena and influences which affected renowned Czech painter F. Kupka during his tempestuous, spiritually profound journey. A poem in images.

AN ARTISTIC CONFESSION – HUGO DEMARTINI / director Petr Skala / 25 min
A film demonstrating the multi-layered nature of art and the winding journey towards it.

After the screenings discussions will be held with each of the directors!