CHAOS OF THE HEART / Daniel Gulko, Pavel Fajt and the students of the Physical Theatre Studio DIFA JAMU

performance length: 75 min
Contemporary clownery on motives in Shakespeare’s Tragedy: Romeo and Juliet

The piece Chaos of the Heart is the result of a workshop with Daniel Gulko which took place during the Jamu students‘ second year studies. At this time clown characters were developed who thoroughly investigated themes of intimacy and emotion. Daniel Gulko, the director, chose Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet as the pre-text for the creation of a clown piece with the intention of highlighting the tragic heart of clownery. Shakespeare’s inexhaustible verse acts as the trigger for the motion of the clowns’ souls while Pavel Fajt’s music accompanies and strengthens their bubbling essence and fantasizing.

Director: Daniel Gulko (USA/FR)
Music: Pavel Fajt
Participating 3rd Year Students from the Physical Theatre Studio:
Milánek: Viktor Černický
Olberta: Aneta Červená
Viktór: Vojtěch Hříbek
Quantus: Tomáš Janypka
Esmeralda: Silvie Kudelová
Krumpla: Jazmína Piktorová
Missy: Ekaterina Plechkova
Gerbera: Tereza Sikorová
Miluša: Marie Svobodová

Wardrobe and Scenography: Stanislav Cibulka
Light design: Vladimír Burian
Producer: Kateřina Uhrová
Photography: Dragan Dragin
Mentoring and Project Coordination: Pierre Nadaud


Daniel Gulko is the art director of the radical circus group Cahin-Caha. Born in the United States, this polyglot and multi-genre artist spent thirty years of his career working in many different countries, spread across four continents. He defines his group Cahin-Caha, founded in 1998, as a “bastard circus.” This is partly due to its’ members varied backgrounds and partly for the group’s goal of creating new relationships between cultures and different forms of artistic expression—whether it be through the circus, visual arts, theatre, video art or literature.


Brno musician Pavel Fajt’s work belongs to a group of alternative music genres, always moving in between world music, art rock, folk rock and experimental electronic music.

The Studio of Devised and Physical Theatre DIFA JAMU emphasizes the personality of the author-artist, the use of multimedia (audio, video, animation), workshops and coaching with artists from abroad. The studio’s goal is to educate young artists (authors and performers) in the performing arts, primarily focusing on physical theatre, authorial acting, and a practical approach to working with new media and its scenic usage.