performance length: min
“Crazy ride into the darkest depths of the Central European soul.”

Classical-avant-garde, nonpolitical-political, folklorly brutal pseudo intellectual comedy in which the existence of what we usually label as the “Central European cultural context” is being challenged and acknowledged at once.”

premiered: December 2003, Bratislava

soundtrack by Andrea Bocelli and Indira Radia arranged by Marek Piaček for the brass quintet
music recorded by Slovak Brass Quintet
the script was created by recording improvised dialogues on a magnetic tape
the text was created by a group of artists
the author of the scene Dinner is Inge Hrubaničová
the authors of the scene Marriage conversation are Vlado Zboroň and Inge Hrubaničová
produced by: sdružení Pre súčasnú operu (Association for Contemporary Opera)

with the support of: Ministry of Culture, Slovak Republic

with the material support of: Copex, theatre company Disk Trnava, Ivana Semjanová, Peter Kozmon and Vlado Zboroň

acknowledgements: Peter Víťaz, Andrej Slezák

SkRAT performances staged in Prague are supported by MOTUS C.A. - production of ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre, the independent theatre studio DE FACTO MIMO, City of Prague, Ministry of culture CR and KD Mlejn,o.p.s.

photo Ctibor Bachratý photo Ctibor Bachratý photo Ctibor Bachratý