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Gender Review
Due to the global transport difficulties, we are forced to cancel The Secondhand Women Profile including this performance! The new date for the Profile has been set on 24-27 November. We apologize and thank you for understanding.

The theatre work of the group Secondhand Women has always been a lively mix of contemporary thinking, self-reflection, and sensitive artistic approach. The work of these women belongs to the creative backbone of Alfred ve dvoře.

The legendary Mezzo performance ranks amongst the most interesting project-based theatre performances to be staged in the last ten years. This profile shows the spark that burns between the bold personalities of Helene Kvint, Petra Lustigová, Steffanie Thors, Halka Třešňáková, and Daniela Voráčková.

In Czech and English

The ‘Secondhand Women’ creative team is back with a new performance, and the theme is now Man. The man inside us women, the man which we can never become, the man as our friend and enemy, the man as our father, and the man as our son.
Aren’t we as women asking for too much? We are taking over men’s professions, wearing their pants, and checking their pockets under the pretext of doing the laundry. Now, Secondhand Women will check their minds and souls.
An exchange of our artistic, public and personal experiences on the subject of Man, expressed in acting and choreography. We’re not afraid of singing, of using foreign languages, or of expression bordering on the limits of personal confession. AND we’re not afraid of welding, using screwdrivers and explosives, replacing fuses, or changing light bulbs.
Chef, greengrocer, actor, life-guard, Nobel prize laureate, friend, taxi driver...
Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Motus o.s. in the Alfred ve dvoře theatre.

First night: 23 November 2005 in Alfred ve dvoře Theatre

Photo: Daniela Klimešová Photo: Daniela Klimešová Photo: Daniela Klimešová Photo: Daniela Klimešová Photo: Daniela Klimešová