BOHEMIAN PARADISE! / Spielraum Kollektiv & Studio Damúza

A show for the small ones about the little great adventure of two friends out to see the world
performance length: 50 min
What happens when you find a postcard from Bohemian Paradise outside your house? You set out to find it! An adventure story of two inseparable friends on a grand quest for a more beautiful home and the many friends they find on the way. An interactive visual installation for the little ones, with live music and the most beautiful bits of litter to be found.


Spielraum Kollektiv is a free theatre group of artists around Linda and Mathias Straub.
Supported by: Magistrát hl. m. Prahy, Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Motus, produkce divadla Alfred ve dvoře
Thanks to:Tomáš Žižka, Howard Lotker, Klaudie Lotker, Dagmar Petáková, Tereza Benešová, Ewan McLarren, Produkce Damúza: Barbora Kalinová, Veronika Řezníková, Václav Strýček)