BIOGRAPH ALFRED: Young Predators in a COMICS Skin no. 2

Film and theatre cocktail
performance length: 90 min
Noro Drziak, or “My Name Is GANG … TOBO GANG!”
Animation films

The Great Sneezer – Indiana Jones in a witty comics-puppet costume, winner of many prizes at international film festivals home and abroad, will please the heart of every comics-loving fan.
Danaus Lost – an illustrated trip to the Fantasy stop.
Cowboy Hip-hop – an animated video for the group UDG with a really captivating atmosphere and comics-style editing just as it should be.
Alois Nebel – a preview from a long-awaited animated feature film on the motif of the cult comics trilogy and many others, from the workshop of the cyberpunk group entitled TOBOGANG.

ALBERT’S FEAR / Vojta Švejda
Theatre comics / 60 min

A piece of mime clownery full of original gags and gimmicks, where Vojta Svejda as the lead character, the master of imagination in the minimum of space, clearly shows what his cup of tea is.
The performance is inspired by the shortcut and grotesque style of comics story-telling and the poetics of animation films
The programme is held as part of the KOMIKSfest 2009 festival.