BIOGRAPH ALFRED: Young Predators in a COMICS Skin no. 2, Second night

Film and theatre cocktail
performance length: min
Wild Films of Jaromir Plachy
Animated films

Jaromir Plachy is an original young artist whose quite specific films and comics like to place the human picturesque drama into the fate of, for instance, “amiably brutal” characters like Cubes and Balls.
His series of short films The Clod, Joe, Out on a Limb, Nunovo Tango, Dancing with Wolves, Baba Aga, The Stone and others will certainly leave you in no doubt that his witty surrealist plays work skilfully with both naive fantasies as well as the dark recesses of the human soul.

PANDEMONIUM, or JUST A NORMAL FAMILY / Naive theatre Liberec
Puppet Theatre

The Naive Theatre of Liberec has courageously brought the specific world of comics by the authors Vojtech Masek and Dzian Baban to the stage. Together with the Kokes family, you will quite naturally find yourselves in a place where people gradually loose their minds.
The programme is held as part of the KOMIKSfest 2009 festival