or how you DEBUT in Bohemia
performance length: min
Fresh previews of the already mature art of young FAMU authors who are on the verge of starting their professional career via their film debuts.

SMALL LIES / main movie
54 min. / 2008/ Film Direction Department – 5th year – graduation film

Small Lies, by director William Lee, tells the story on how each of us repeats the mistakes of his parents. It is a tale of the lies we often use to avoid the uncomfortable truth. The main character, David, is trying to re-establish a relationship with his son, who he left a year ago, by going on a trip together. However, David’s father Jiri, who had made the same mistake with him twenty years ago, sneaks however into their “joint” holiday.

A brilliant and sensitively narrated “men saga” of one family appearing at a critical moment in one place.

Director: William Lee, camera: Gasper Snuderl

INCANTATIONS / short movie
17 min. / 2008/ Camera Department – 5th year – graduation film
The story of a young Vietnamese couple living in Prague. The young man, employed as an overnight taxi driver, is trying to get free from his native close-knit community. At the same time he is trying to impress a Vietnamese girl from the marketplace who is, however, according to traditions, forbidden to meet anyone outside the marketplace… An excellent example of a cameraman’s mastery of colour and composition.

Camera, screenplay and director: Gasper Snuderl
In the cooperatin with the festival famufest 08