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Dear spectators, Do not hesitate to enter the typically enchanting world
of the colours, tastes and smells of film!

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MON 15.9.08 8pm, big stage
The Best Of New Animation 1

TUE 16.9.08 8pm, big stage
The Best Of New Animation 2 / Digital World


MON 6.10.08 8pm, big stage
Trajkomania 1 or the Path to the Depths of the Director’s Soul…

TUE 7.10.08 8pm, big stage
Trajkomania 2 or the Guide Book to an Independent Film Maker


This refreshing film and theatre cocktail is served as part of the KomiksFEST! festival 2008

MON 3.11.08 / 8pm
Young Beasts in a COMICS Skin 1

TUE 4.11.08 8pm, big stage
Young Beasts in a COMICS Skin 2


Christmas film candy shop with surprise

December is the month of Christmas and all the surprises that go with it. We will also be most friendly to you and offer you a Christmas film candy shop, to be revealed in parts.
You can be sure that this won’t be any Czech TV Boxing Day experiment. This is a dead cert!

MON 1.12.08 8pm, big stage
TUE 2.12.08 8pm, big stage

Your visit will be appreciated by the Movie Cabaret ALFRED and Adrian Kukal, a former dramaturgist of BioNod/Roxy, FreshFilmFest, Film tent Love Planet Bio Lampa Plzen a.o.
• iteresting facts about movies and movie makers • movies you won\'t see in traditional cinemas • free admission to unforgettable movie club evenings • Movie lovers are encouraged to purchase a member card for 240 CZK (one-evening membership fee of 80 CZK)

Murdersong - Young beasts in a comics skin - 4.10.2008 trajkomania - 6.+7.10.2008 Dormitory - The best of new animation 1 - 15.9.2008 Black beetle - The best of new animation 2 / digital word - 16.9.2008