BILO / David Pizinger & Hasan Zahirović

Staged presentation of a planned work with performers from the Czech Republic and former Yugoslavian countries
performance length: 70 min
A religious tale about what once was, inspired by the texts of Tennessee Williams.

This performance is inspired by the fate of young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and other countries. It asks essential questions about the origins of evil and about living conditions in times of war carried forward by its survivors. Thematically it deals with the persistence of memory and the forcing of one’s way through the forest. Bosnia is a land of many mystic visions; it’s a land in which young adepts in houses of prayer learn to understand the world through stories of dervishes.

The text of our staged presentation works with interpretational variations of the play A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, taking the form of a play within a play. The conceptual framework of the performance will be the experiences of the Sarajevo War Theatre (SARTR Sarajevski ratni teatr), which played without a break throughout the entire blockade and in spite of the war, functioning much like a therapeutic tool.
"This world does not exist"

“My only point, the only point that I'm making, is life has got to be allowed to continue even after the dream of life is--all--over“
Tennessee Williams

„Any genocide is hell, but personal genocide burns the worst.“
Hasan Zahirović

David Pizinger
studied cultural history in Budějovice, stage direction in Brno, he lives in Prague and looks forward to visiting Bosnia. He focusses on a kind of project-based theatre that allows him to break into the unknown, working with material that challenges his imagination.

Hasan Zahirović
graduated in education and acting in Bosian. He worked in the Bosian National Theatre in Zenica. Since 2006 he has lived in the Czech Republic, where he graduated with a master’s degree in theatre studies at the Faculty of Humanities of Masaryk University, and is now a doctoral student at the DAMU academy in the field of scenology. He was dramaturg and co-translator of most of the plays at the YOUGO! Festival of Staged Readings (Theatre Feste, Brno, 2011). He has translated the Czech authors Čapek, Gregorová, Kundera, Kuba, and Skácel into Bosnian, and works by Mitrović (Činoherní klub), Bašović, Imširević, Milenić, Brka, Kovačević, and Rokgre into Czech.

Tennessee Williams
Was an American writer, a representative of psychological drama. In 1947, he received the Pulitzer Prize. In his plays drew on their own experiences, especially from his youth. The heroes of his plays often escape to the world of illusion. His works include: Battle of Angels, The Glass Menagerie,Cat on a Hot Tin Roof , A Streetcar Named Desire, …

Other performances:
Mousefuckers, YOUGO! 2011;
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