Bazaar Festival: THE WITNESS DEVICE / The Stranger Gets a Gift Service

performance length: min
Thursday 19th and Friday 20th March / all day event / mobile networks

Over the course of the Bazaar Festival, a group of artists, academics, presenters, and audience members will take part in the anonymous exchange of mobile phone messages. Each person will bear witness to the perceptions and thoughts of an assigned stranger, who will (in turn) virtually accompany them throughout their day.

At the end of this exchange, a second process of witnessing will begin: An outsider to the message exchange will examine the messages and attempt to interpret the interactions contained within them. What will this person perceive? What is revealed by that community of witnesses? How does this many-eyed being look to a casual passerby?

APOLOGIES - TICKETS FOR THIS EVENT AREN'T AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE. If you would like to participate in The Witness Device please send us an e-mail to

Concept and action: Cristina Maldonado
Dramaturgy: Sodja Lotker
Writer: Morgan Childs
Asistent and Art Map: Susanne Kass
Design: Leyla Gabbasova