Bazaar Festival: SATURDAY BAZAAR Part 2

presentations from future performances
performance length: 180 min
The climax of the Bazaar 2016 festival. In two program blocks, short demonstrations and work-in-progress showing from future works on the topic of identity in art and motion will be presented by artists from all over Europe. Their explorations and revelations about the many facets and layers of identity come into focus with varying themes like the need to be alone sometimes, tears, but also childhood associations from rope jumping. Which performances or techniques will develop out of their work? Is it possible to share artistic research? And how can that help us get immersed into the artists’ crazy, absurd or fantastic worlds? Come watch one or both program blocks and let yourself be drawn into a whole Bazaar of possibilities!


Each program block concludes with a discussion led by Alice Koubová as part of the RespondART project, a year-long project of Studio ALTA in collaboration with the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, TanzFaktur Cologne and Brottfabrik Bonn. The project’s goal is to lead audiences to an active reception of artists’ work, a better understanding of the world around us, and to a heightened critical awareness.

The Saturday Bazaar finishes with an afterparty

The Saturday Bazaar is divided into two blocks:

Part 1: 14-18H

Roman Zotov, Jaro Viňarský, László Fülöp & Halka Třešňáková
Part 2: 19-22H
Agata Siniarska & Madalina Dan, Tereza Hradilková, Ufftenživot


MOTHERS OF STEEL / Madalina Dan (RO) & Agata Siniarska (PL)
Excerpt from a stand-up tragedy / 15 min. / in English

An investigation into the phenomenology of tears that touches upon many themes - memory, history, death, happiness, fragility, innocence, strength, and more.

In Western cultures crying is generally considered an intimate and private act. Showing emotions in public has anti-social character, signifying one's weakness or lack of restraint. It is only relatively recently, with the emergence of reality television and the confessional culture, that the private suffering becomes a public spectacle. Today, sharing emotions with millions of others is not only allowed but is also encouraged as therapy and lucrative mass entertainment.

How are emotions manifested in different situations, and why we (or we do not) express them publicly?

Mădălina Dan is a Romanian dancer, performer, choreographer and a dance teacher. She has a degree in Playwrighting at the National University of Drama and Film in Bucharest. She initiated, Azuga Summer School, an annual arts education program for children.

Agata Siniarska works as a choreographer, dramaturg, performer, actress, film director, and video maker. In 2009 she got a prestigious scholarship Dance WEB in Vienna and in the same year she ended up studying choreography in Amsterdam, which had to stop due to her political activitism. She performed in works by Deborah Hay, Ann Liv Young, Michele Rizzo.

Support/Thanks: Polish Institute in Prague, Romanian Cultural Institute in Prague, PACT Zollverein, Goethe-Institut Warsaw, Motus / producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre


SWISH / Tereza Hradilková
Excerpt from a dance solo / 15 min. / in Czech

Rope jumping as a children’s game, but also as ambition and self-improvement. Are you jumping to get ahead, jumping past your old boundaries, or are you just jumping in a circle from which there is no escape? How long will the game stay just a game and how long will it take before the game slips into madness?

Tereza Hradilková is a dancer who has in recent years focused more on her own performance creation, such as “Proměnná/Variable“ with Israeli colleague Einat Ganz, and “Deadline“. She also collaborated on the award-winning dance film “Beating”.

Concept, choreography, interpretation: Tereza Hradilková
Dramaturgy: Biljana Golubovic
Sound design: Daniel Wunsch, Filip Míšek
Costumes: Marjetka Kürner Kalous

Support / Thanks: Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, “Nadace Život umělce” Foundation, Tanec Praha, Studio Truhlárna, Jakub Hradilek, Dan Gregor, Kasha Jandáčková, Palo Kršiak, Jan Horák


Work-in-progress / 30 min. / language barrier free

I want to be alone. I am scared of my own loneliness. A cycle of repeated feelings begins: happiness, sadness, anger and other emotions, which become hackneyed and cliche. I will be alone. Or won’t I? “Alone“ is a description, a label, a reality. A negative one? Or positive?

Ufftenživot is a creative team made by Jiří Šimek and Sára Arnstein, graduates from the Alternative and Puppet Theatre department at the DAMU academy. They work together on directing, dramaturgy and performance using a collective devised theatre approach. Ufftenživot is interested in varying forms of theatre, including physical theatre, dance, slampoetry and work with visuals and images, and tries to blend the borders between them. The duo cooperates with Jaro Viňarský and Petra Tejnorová.

Music: Ivo Sedláček
Feedback: Dwayne Holliday, Slava Gepner, Marek Zelínka, Lucia Kasiarová, Lukáš Homola
Support/Thanks: Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, MOTUS, producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre. The project is developed in collaboration with Tanzfaktur (Cologne), Studio ALTA, and with the support of the “Nadace život umělce” Foundation, the Czech Centre in Dusseldorf and “Nová sít”.

Tereza Hradilková Mădălina Dan & Agata Siniarska Mădălina Dan & Agata Siniarska Tereza Hradilková Ufftenživot Ufftenživot