Bazaar Festival: SATURDAY BAZAAR Part 1

presentations from future performances
performance length: 240 min
The climax of the Bazaar 2016 festival. In two program blocks, short demonstrations and work-in-progress showing from future works on the topic of identity in art and motion will be presented by artists from all over Europe. Their explorations and revelations about the many facets and layers of identity come into focus with varying themes like the need to be alone sometimes, tears, but also childhood associations from rope jumping. Which performances or techniques will develop out of their work? Is it possible to share artistic research? And how can that help us get immersed into the artists’ crazy, absurd or fantastic worlds? Come watch one or both program blocks and let yourself be drawn into a whole Bazaar of possibilities!


Each program block concludes with a discussion led by Alice Koubová as part of the RespondART project, a year-long project of Studio ALTA in collaboration with the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, TanzFaktur Cologne and Brottfabrik Bonn. The project’s goal is to lead audiences to an active reception of artists’ work, a better understanding of the world around us, and to a heightened critical awareness.


The Saturday Bazaar finishes with an afterparty

The Saturday Bazaar is divided into two blocks:

Part 1: 14-18H

Roman Zotov, Jaro Viňarský, László Fülöp & Halka Třešňáková
Part 2: 19-22H
Agata Siniarska & Madalina Dan, Tereza Hradilková, Ufftenživot


ABSOLUTELY / Roman Zotov (RU)
Excerpt from a story about searching for home / 15 min. / no language barrier


Three dancers looking for physical expression for the process of coming back to yourself, removing the layers of false identity, as if you were coming back home. A graduation project at the Duncan Centre dance conservatory.

Roman Zotov comes from city of Tula in Russia. He studied hip hop, house, popping, ballet, jazz and modern dance, but also has a university degree in economy. Nowadays he is finishing his studies in Duncan Centre dance conservatory, Prague. With his brother he won the second prize in the Jarmila Jeřábkova Award 2015 for their piece “The shores”.

Dancers: Roman Zotov, Barbora Vaňková, Michal Dužda
Supported by: Duncan Centre Conservatory
Special thanks to: Veronika Šimková


THIS VERY MOMENT / Jaro Viňarský (SK)
Artistic research presentation / 15 min. / in English

If we stop looking at the stage as if we were separated from what is happening on it, if we stop looking at these acts and movements on the stage as something with hidden meanings and symbols we need to search for in order to determine a message or a reason, if we just simply observe, naked and open, would we not find ourselves in a more natural mode of direct life experience, the value of which is in its freedom to sense, feel, act, and share?

Right here, and now, is there not just ONE of us?

Jaro Viňarský (born 1978, Vranov nad Topľou, Slovakia) is a dancer and choreographer who likes replace the term contemporary dance with the terms physical art or body art, which express his focus on work with the body and with physicality. He works with Pavel Zuštiak and Karine Ponties as dancer, and Petra Tejnorová as choreographer. His most recent works are ANIMALINSIDE, and XIRA, along with ABSENT, which he created for VerTeDance. He is recipient of the prestigious SAZKA AWARD for “New Discovery in Dance” in the Czech Republic, the Audience Award at the Czech Dance Platform 2006 and THE BESSIES NEW YORK DANCE AND PERFORMING ARTS award 2013.

Supported by: Slovak Institute in Prague, Motus /producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, and Identity.Move!


TIMOTHY AND THE THINGS: PLAN B / László Fülöp (H) & Halka Třešňáková
Work-in-progress / 30 min. / in English

Always be realistically fictional. Unless you can be fictionally real. Then whatever. But always have a plan B. 'Cause it's all about practical dysfunctionalism. Or about dysfunctional practicism. More or less ...

László Fülöp is a young Hungarian contemporary dance choreographer, performer and teacher, and an active member of the L1 Association. He is a graduated of the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. As a freelancer he has cooperated with many different artists and dance companies and as an independent choreographer he has developed his own choreographic works. His main topic of research is the human being in its own completeness, without ideologies or prejudices: in a simple, pure and personal way.

Halka Třešňáková graduated from the Department of Non-verbal and Comedy Theater at The Prague Academy of Music (HAMU). Currently teaches at DAMU. She has worked with artists from various countries and has been a co-creator of projects including: Hanging Man (Ctibor Turba); Cat (Petr Krušelnický); and Mezzo, Už muž, and Money Transformance with Second Hand Women. Her current work includes the performing in of Brass Band by Vosto5 theatre. As part of the Identity.Move! project she created the performance Si conclufión, and recently she premiered her new work Die Macht as part of the 4 + 4 Days in Motion festival.

Support/Thanks: MOTUS / producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Open Latitudes Network, L1 Association, Workshop Foundation Budapest

Jaro Viňarský Roman Zotov Roman Zotov Jaro Viňarský Halka Třešňáková & László Fülöp Halka Třešňáková & László Fülöp