Bazaar Festival: PARALLEL / Groundfloor Group (RO)

performance length: min
In what way is your cultural identity (gender) expressed in your everyday life? Who can see it? To what extent does it define your social life? Does it affect your relations, your economic situation or your relationships with the people you work with, your friends and relatives? If so, then in what way? How has this influence changed over the years? To what extent was it conditioned by the then current social or economic context? And, last but not least, do you have anyone you can talk to about all this?

Performance takes place at Studio ALTA as a part of the Bazaar Festival.


Signed by directors Ferenc Sinkó and Leta Popescu, “Parallel” is based on experiences of performers Lucia Mărneanu and kata bodoki-halmen. Created from the proposals of the performers and written by the entire team, the show provokes by its direct approach towards themes like: body, sexual identity, repression and acceptance. Moving bodies, drag show as well as original songs by kata bodoki-halmen together with live mixed music by Danaga create a dynamic and penetrating performance.

Lucia Mărneanu graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, UAD Cluj (2010) and the Faculty of Theatre and Television, UBB Cluj (2013). During her studies she took part in a series of workshops, mobility programs and several national and international festivals. At the 2013 edition of the National Festival of Independent Theatre (Romania) she won the jury's special prize for interpretation with her first independent project: 10 Studies About love with Small ‘l’. For Parallel Lucia won Romanian Theatre Association – UNITER prize for Debut (2014) together with Leta Popescu (co-director). She is a co-founder of Asociatia Reciproca, where she is working on the Salutări din România/Hello from Romania project. She is currently studying in the MA program of DasArts in Amsterdam. Lucia is interested in ways of telling/distorting a story through extra-theatrical means.

kata bodoki-halmen is a freelance artist who was raised in a small town in Romania. She studied philosophy and theatre; next to these studies she looked for other approaches to life through dance, clowning, acting, singing and playing in different musical instruments, meditating, reading. She realized that she doesn't want to choose one specific profession. Currently she takes part in performances where she mixes music, dance and theatre. Kata loves to discover new expression forms of the inner self, she's spontaneous and improvises as much in arts as in everyday life. She believes that fusing different elements and collaborating with others can give birth to something unique, and help her to have an open mind and soul, to be more flexible, and to sustain her curiosity.

Concept / Choreography: Ferenc Sinkó
Direction: Ferenc Sinkó and Leta Popescu
Texts: all
Scenography: Valentin Oncu
Costumes: Gyopár Bocskai
Songs: kata bodoki-halmen
Music: Danaga
Technical assistance: Attila Almási