Bazaar Festival: MORNING FORUM: How to Breathe in the Centre When You Are Entering From the Margins?

performance length: 240 min
A morning of short inspirational lectures by researchers, writers and artists from our part of Europe. Twenty and more years after significant political events started to change the lives of Central and Eastern Europeans and expose them more directly to the canon of western thought and art, where do we stand? How do we see and interpret the challenges of our societies and the world, now that we have realized that people from the west do not have all the answers? Lectures will touch on the following subjects, all of them as they relate to the practice of innovating independent contemporary artists from Central and Eastern Europe: regional and international political identity, sexuality and gender identity, ethnic and religious identity.

Forum takes place at Parkhotel Praha as a part of the Bazaar Festival.

APOLOGIES - TICKETS FOR THIS EVENT AREN'T AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE, BUT ONLY ON GOOUT.CZ. Forum is in English, discussion will be translated to Czech.

Speakers: Una Bauer (HR), Karol Radziszewski (PL), Nihad Kresevljakovic (BiH) and more.