Bazaar Festival: GRAND OPENING

performance length: min
►OLD CHAOS, NEW ORDER / Oleg Soulimenko a Andrei Andrianov (RUS/AT)
►CONCERT / Marcin Masecki & Polonezy (PL)


The Bazaar Festival starts off with Russian Austrian performer Oleg Soulimenko’s provocative performance asking if there is a specific identity of art in the east part of Europe, a short introduction of the Identity.Move! project and phenomenal concerts by both Marcin Masecki and his 10-piece experimental Polish brass band and performer kata bodoki-halmen.

OLD CHAOS, NEW ORDER / Oleg Soulimenko, Andrei Andrianov (RUS/AT)

How can a legacy be formed from an art that can only really be written into the history of western performance and art history since the fall of the Iron Curtain? No less than Markus Schinwald, Robert Steijn, Janez Janša, Meg Stuart, and Steve Paxton assisted with this question. The five artists were asked to develop short scenes or directions for the beginning, middle, or end of a contemporary performance piece. From these completely differently arranged performance fragments – perhaps all of them wanted to write an ending – the two Russian performers have developed their piece.

Oleg Soulimenko lives and works in Vienna. After studying engineering at the Moscow State Technical University, he decided to embark on an artistic career and trained as a dancer and performer at various theatres in Moscow. In 1990 Soulimenko founded Saira Blanche Theatre, whose provocative performances toured around the globe. From 1996 to 2000 Saira Blanche Theatre co-operated with Lux Flux, Vienna. They worked together on a method of making theatre without the theatre, of producing stage presence without directing. Within this constellation he Oleg performed all over Europe, USA, Canada and Israel at dance and theatre festivals. He has been co-operating with artists like Lisa Nelson, Markus Schinwald, Meg Stuart, Jennifer Lacey and Steve Paxton.

Andrei Andrianov is a dancer, choreographer. He began his career in 1979 at Gedrus Matskjavichus’ Modern Dance and Mime Theater in Moscow. He studied modern dance, pantomime, contact improvisation, Chinese martial arts and acting. In 1993-1996, together with Oleg Soulimenko, Andrianov was developing a specific improvised dance-performance duo, widely known as «Saira Blanche Theater». He also worked for 8 years in a “Do-Dance”company, under the artistic direction of Japanese choreographer Min Tanaka, which were based in “Theater School of Dramatic Art» (Moscow).

Concept, direction and performance: Oleg Soulimenko and Andrei Andrianov
Contributions: by Janez Janša, Steve Paxton, Markus Schinwald, Robert Steijn and Meg Stuart Dramaturgy: Judith Staudinger
Costumes: Anke Philipp
Objects: Bartholomäus Kinner
Video: Jan Machacek
Lighting design: Andreas Schwarzbauer
Music and sound recording: dieb13
Production management: Nicole Schuchardt
Production assistance: Zane Estere Gruntmane

CONCERT / Marcin Masecki & Polonezy (PL)

What would it sound like if Chopin were played by Thelonius Monk accompanied by a self-ironic swinging military band? Acclaimed composer, pianist, and conductor and the musicians of his new ten-piece brass band Polonezy puts the traditional dance music known as the Polonaise into contemporary form, ingeniously employing the aesthetics of imperfection to create wonderful chaotic, unsettled sound situations.

Marcin Masecki is an acclaimed pianist, composer, conductor, member of the independent label Lado ABC, leader and participant of an astounding variety of projects. Winner of many awards Masecki is widely recognized as a leading figure in the polish independent music scene. Among others he leads a jazz sextet “Profesjonalizm”, he is the director of WOR – Warsaw Orchestra of Recreation – and he is member of international bands Paristetris and Pictorial Candi. His parallel passion is classical music which he most often presents in contexts foreign to it. His latest project Polonezy is a 10-piece brass band which plays a set of original Polonaises.

“I was taught to be clean and polished so it became a challenge to find beauty in something dirty and broken.” - Marcin Masecki