Bazaar festival: DISASTROUS – A quick tour through the work of SILK Fluegge / Silke Grabinger and collective

In English
performance length: 60 min
Company artistic director Silke Grabinger presents various approaches to work and choreography. Small excerpts of different performance pieces will be performed by her and her dancers with explanations.

Presentation is a part of 2017 Bazaar Festival and takes place at Studio ALTA. Free admission. Please, fill in the form above to book your place.

Her upcoming Czech/Austrian performance piece “Disastrous" pairs young Czechs (aged 11-14) with professional performers. The opening of the planned piece will feature a disaster, which these teams will need to conquer by finding new kinds of order in the chaos. This restart will give them the opportunity to create their own new rules and systems. So it is a search for hope, for meaning and community.

“Thus a disaster is a lot like a revolution when it comes to disruption and improvisation, to new roles and an unnerving or exhilarating sense that now anything is possible."
From Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit

SILK Fluegge focuses on Youth Development projects and performances in the fields of urban contemporary art and dance.

Silke Grabinger is a dancer and choreographer. She is situated at the point of intersection between contemporary performing art and space/design strategies. As an artistic director of the artist collectives SILK Cie and SILK FLUEGGE she is pursuing new approaches in a critical engagement with social phenomena, artistic paradigms and the function/role of the audience. Her works take place in the theatre as well as in the white cube of the museum or in public spaces as spaces of social occurrence.