ASHES Project (Part 2.)

performance length: min
experimental performance
15 one-to-one performances for one or two spectators, lasting 30 minutes

The ASHES Project studies religious behaviour in modern society – our beliefs and ability to commit and to belong. The Finnish actress and performer Jenni Kokkomäki, the author of the ASHES Project, is fascinated by religious gatherings where the Holy Spirit descends on someone. What about the rest – are they unworthy of being chosen? Everyone seeks for fulfilment, being filled with meaningful existence. What happens to those who dare to be fulfilled, who dare to open themselves? Who dare to step out of the line? And what about those who only distantly observe? The ASHES Project is both an invitation and a challenge – it is also a place of rest where nothing is forced.

This international multimedia project is presented in two separate parts: A performance with a concert by Shamanviolin (Wednesday 9. September at 8 pm, no audience limitation) and half-hour interactive performances for one or two spectators at a time (Friday 11. and Saturday 12. September always from 1 pm to 9 pm every 30 minutes).

In both performances the level of interaction is different. The Big Stage performance on 9.9. is a premiere for larger audience and the interaction is minimal. The one-to-one performances on the Small Stage have a voluntary level of interaction, the spectator can choose whether to interact a lot or just a little with the performance. It is also possible to see the performance without interaction.

Bookings necessary for the second part of the project – call 775 186860 or e-mail by 8th September.

The ASHES Project approaches to reach and question our opinions on the surrounding reality. It aims to provide the audience with various lenses through which to absorb and observe the performance – and the self as a spectator. At the same time it enables everyone to remain anonymous, to keep their own “fourth wall” between the stage and the audience.

Jenni Kokkomäki states: “This project is a continuation of my artistic research in the field of interactive theatre and one-to-one performances; my aim is to provide the spectator a moment that will not be repeated but will remain unique. The stage components, i.e. the choreography, lights, music etc., will be selected by lottery before every single performance on the Small Stage. The chance of two performances being the same is therefore minimal. Only two people will witness the event: The performer and the spectator. In the fast productized society I wish not to create a product that is mechanically repeatable, but a unique organic experience, a true meeting of people and stage elements.”