Andrea Miltnerová | Spectaculare 2018

performance length: 45 min
no language barrier
Andrea Miltnerova, British dancer and choreographer of Czech origin performs "Fractured" and "Dance of the Magnetic Ballerina" as a part of Spectaculare 2018 festival. This is a special version with live cello artist Michal Turek for the first time in Prague.


This double-bill is a part of Spectaculare 2018 Festival, therefore advance tickets (no reservations, you can only buy them) are available only online. Thanks for understanding.

FRACTURED (The body in search of form...)
With her expressive, creatively minimalistic and technically precise composition, Andrea Miltnerová takes us to a mysterious, at times 'kafkaesque' world. To the fragmented sounds of a Bach concerto, animal instinct merges with a distinctive, pure esthetic. A voyage to a world beneath the skin, a world of muscles and sinews, a journey elsewhere... Fascinated, we sense the intensity of the image, in which time acquires a different dimension...

Concept and Choreography: Andrea Miltnerová
Lighting and Sound design: Jan Komárek
Performed by: Andrea Miltnerová

This coproduction by Andrea Miltnerová and Motus has been selected for the year 2013 as part of the prestigious European network Aerowaves.

Movement in the context of image and sound – image and sound in motion. The magnetic ballerina, trapped inside her cage of light, allows our imagination to fly. Intense movement sequences fuse with a collage of sound and a unique, interactive lighting design to relate a nonviolent, at times irritating, at times vulnerable, personal testimony of an obstinate obsession with movement.

Choreographer, performer: Andrea Miltnerová
Sound and lighting design: Jan Komárek
Coproduction: Motus, producers of the Alfred ve dvoře theatre

Andrea Miltnerová
British dancer and choreographer of Czech origin, who lives in Prague. For the past few years she has been specializing in baroque dance and its creative fusion with other techniques, above all contemporary dance. She was born and trained in London and came to Prague to dance with the Ballet of the National Theatre. She currently collaborates as a performer with various Czech and foreign creators.

Her contemporary dance solo Dance of the Magnetic Ballerina was selected by the prestigious European network Aerowaves as one of their priority performances for 2013. It has been successfully presented at numerous festivals and theatres throughout Europe for example:

Aerowaves Spring Forward (Zürich Tanzt), East Gate Europe 2 festival Denmark, Paradiso (Julidans) in Amsterdam, euro-scene Leipzig, Unidram Potsdam, Kammermachen Chemnitz, International Dance Festival Bonn, Crossroads Antwerp, International Theatre Festival Sibiu Romania, Plai International Music Festival in Timișoara Romania, Guerilla Light Festival in Ljubljana, Manipulate Edinburgh, The Place Theatre London and The Old Vic Theatre Bristol England and is invited to Finland, Italy and France. The performance was part of the project Nová Síť and DANCE PRAGUE in the regions 2013.

Her deep interest in the baroque led her to collaborate on the reconstruction of baroque operas and to create her own performances based on movement analysis and ethnochoreographic research, for example The Baroque Body Revealed, Pentimento and Vertical Horizontal. She has worked as a director, choreographer and dancer with the early music ensembles Collegium 1704 and Collegium Marianum. She has danced in baroque operas at the National Theatre, at the baroque Castle Theatre in Český Krumlov and in festivals in Germany, Slovenia and Hungary. She is currently working with French choreographer Françoise Denieau, performing in her productions throughout France, including Paris (Opéra Comique) and Versailles (Opéra Royale), in Luxembourg, Switzerland (Lausanne), London (The Barbican) and Moscow (Bolshoi).

Jan Komárek
He studied painting and graphic design at the School of Applied Arts. He worked in various different fields, as well as composing music for theatre and puppet theatre. After emigrating to France, he formed the ‛Mimo Theatre’, creating puppet theatre for both adults and children, performing himself as puppeteer and clown. In 1983 Jan moved to Toronto, Canada, where, together with composer Rainer Wiens he founded ‛Sound Image Theatre’, using actors as well as dancers and various performers to create image based, poetic performances with live music. He received several prestigious Dora Mayor Awards for Best Play, Best Set and Lighting Design and Best Music. He gradually started to work as lighting designer for other professional theatre companies, particularly in the dance field in Toronto and Montreal. Jan moved back to Prague in 2001, where he became known on the alternative scene for his own shows and lighting design. He was voted ‛Theatre Personality of the Year 2009’ by the …příští vlna/next wave… Festival and was awarded first prize for Lighting Design by an international jury at the 2010 Tanec Praha Festival. In Jan’s creations, sound, light and movement are inseparable elements and are created together. He draws his inspiration from images, be they paintings, drawings or photographs, as well as from the look and personality of the individual performers.