Days of Exchange / MAY 15 – 18 / Profile of contemporary Hungarian dance group L1 DanceLab
performance length: 40 min
no language barrier
“I will remain in your debt and be carried, thrown and kicked in irons into the dust and mud at your feet. I lie in painful pleasure and beg for the trembling burst of your loins – just for one last time.”

A daring and embarrassing representation of a relationship. The piece was inspired by a short story in which a woman and a man meet regularly in a hotel room and follow a strange sexual ritual. This continues for years until once the man doesn’t come anymore, and the woman commits suicide. We don’t follow the story line of the novel, but keep the structure of it. The performance is filled with intimacy. We are balancing on the border where life and art meet.
Supporters: Ministry of Education and Culture, Budapest Theatre Fund,
National Cultural Fund, Marland Ltd., Haba Hall Ltd.,