Block party
performance length: 300 min
3 AM - Block party: Open courtyard of the Alfred Theatre, café in the garden, workshop for kids with Dora Bouzková and cartoons in our theatre’s Small Space.

6 AM - walk on WALK THROUGH walk off / Anna Polívková & Halka Třešňáková
Anna Polívková, stepping forward. Halka Třešňáková, stepping back. Two artists in opposition to each other, yet walking together towards their physical theatre show. The journey itself is the destination; each walk, a theatre rehearsal. No more popping out for ciggies: no choice now but to examine the walk, in progress, as process.

no language barrier / free of charge

7 AM - Exhibition opening: PICTURES ON BLINDS /Markéta Vlčková

Markéta Vlčková pracuje s netradiční technikou folií lepených na žaluzie. Převádí trojrozměrné sochy do podoby grafického znaku a oživuje ho formou barevného zpracování. Rozšiřuje tak pole interpretace sochy ve veřejném prostoru. / Markéta Vlčková explores the unorthodox technique of glueing foil onto blinds. She transfers three-dimensional sculptures into a graphic shape, then revives them with colour. In this way she widens the field of interpretation surrounding sculptures in public spaces.

free of charge / exhibition lasts until November 15th