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A DIFFERENT CITY EXPERIENCE /Prague, September 16-22, 2007/
Explore Prague with us by bike, on foot or by barge, and bring your kids, family and friends. We have prepared for you an unexpected experience through which you will view the city with different eyes.
A DIFFERENT CITY EXPERIENCE is a week of educational and cultural events aiming at support of sustainable transport. These events are being organized as part of the European Mobility Week under the motto Streets for People by the civic initiative Auto*mat.
Auto*mat (auto= car, mat= mate) aims to make Prague safe, healthy and livable. It is a long-term project open to citizens and organizations concerned about their city.

The programme of “Experience a Different City” has been prepared for you under the Auto*mat umbrella, by the Oživení civic association, Motus, the production of ALFREDVEDVOŘE theater and many other organizations and individuals.

SUNDAY 16/9 9.00 – 17.00
Greenways Day Prague bike bell ringing 2007
Greenways day celebration with a bicycle ride for families and an Indian summer camp

SUNDAY 16/9 14.00, 14.30, 15.00
Walk parade
Prague by foot in a new way

MONDAY 17/9 20.30
Live Bicycle - Bicycle as a Way of Living
Screening in Kino Světozor with launch of the Carbusters digest by World Carfree Network

TUESDAY 18/9 16.00
Prague bicycle reality
Guided ride through Prague 7

WEDNESDAY 19/9 8:00
Students and teachers of Postupická high school ride bikes to school

FRIDAY 21/9 13.00/16.00
There by bike, back by barge
Trip by “Mystery” barge of Forman´s brothers

SATURDAY 22/9 15.00
Prague Critical Mass Ride

Program Details:

start of the ride at 9.00 in the Central Parks of Prague 11 and 13
Greenways Day and Prague Bike bell ringing 2007

Program for kids starts at 13:00 in Kamýk forest park in Prague 12, official opening at 12:30

Relaxed bicycle ride for families with kids on the Prague section of Prague Vienna Greenways and other trails which will culminate in the Kamýk forest park in Prague 12 with an afternoon program (Indian teepees, food and music, face painting, canoeing, horse back riding and more cycling…). The ride will start in the Central Parks of Prague 11 and 13 and will be joined at the Vltava river bank in Branik.
The events are organized by Prague districts 4, 5, 11,12, and 13 collaboration with the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation..
Details at www.praha12.cz

14.00, 14.30, 15.00 Charles Square
Walk parade

Come play with us a Prague transport puzzle „Pedestrian, don’t get mad!“ The game is about the permeability of our city. Stroll with us from the Charles Square to National Theater and River bank Promenade. In a slow or hasty paste with a parade of actors, dancers and models. Guided by the globetrotter Mr. Walker Pan Procházka.
Number of participants is limited, reservations required.
Meeting by the fountain closer to Žitná street
Details at www.alfredvedvore.cz

20.30 Cinema Světozor
Live Bicycle - Bicycle as a Way of Living
Italy 2006, dir. Francesco D. Ciani & Federico Gallo, 54 min.,
italian /english subtitles

The screening is followed by launch of Car Busters – Heroes of our times, a digest of some of the best articles from internationally known Carbusters magazine.

16.00 start in front of the Town Council of Prague 7
Prague bicycle reality
guided bicycle ride in Prague 7

Cycling has lately become more popular topic for the public and politicians. Slowly it starts to play more important role in planning and development concepts of our cities. The current reality of everyday cyclists life in Prague is different though – Prague is by far not as cycle-friendly as our politicians proclaim… Cyclists are often forced to break traffic rules thanks to unclear or misleading signposting. Even worst that planners and implementing bodies often forget about cyclists when developing transport infrastructure. This bicycle ride will highlight some of the problems and possible solutions. Prague 7 was selected as a showcase for those who intend to use the bicycle for everyday needs… This guided tour is meant not only for all policy makers and traffic engineers but also for journalists and the general public.
You don’t have to be a trained cyclist to join us – just bring your bicycle and come along. Duration of the ride is about 1.5hrs. There will be an informal discussion after the ride.
More info and registration at tomas.cach@auto-mat.cz

8:00 Postupická highschool, Prague 4

To celebrate European Mobility Week, students and teachers of Postupicka high school in Prague 4 will ride their bikes, skate or just walk to school. In a radius of about 12kms from school meeting points will be identified where students will be awaited by their teachers who will guide them to school. The program will continue in school with participation of younger students in simulating the traffic situation, older students will participate in a bicycle race near school and in an in-line skating rally.
Part of this event will be a research on how students get to school and what kind of improvements they are suggesting in the form of a structured questionnaire. As part of this exercise dangerous spots will be identified and traffic solutions discussed. This will be the first step of this school to join the Safe Routes to School programme managed by the civic association Prague Mothers. Part of the process is an evaluation and analysis of safety situation of children and by children with assistance of responsible authorities such as the police, City of Prague, town districts and traffic engineers. The students guided by local teacher Ladislava Bímova will also meet with representatives of Prague 4 to whom they will introduce the project and invite this local council to collaborate.

13.00 Kralupy n. Vltavou 16.00 Roztoky u Prahy
There by bicycle and back by barge

Escape Friday traffic jams in Prague! The Theater of Forman Brothers is again inviting cyclists and hikers to board their “Mystery” barge in Kralupy or Roztoky u Prahy and enjoy this ride back to Podbaba in Prague.

15.00 Old Town Square
Prague Critical Mass Ride starting at Old Town Square
On the occasion of the World Car-free day

Experience. People. City. Health. Style! The Critical Mass ride for Prague and cyclists is here again. A colourful joint ride of cyclists, scooters, in-line skaters and other modes of non-motorized transport in support of healthy and respectful transportation in our city. The bicycle is a fast, cheap, healthy and non-polluting means of transportation. Get on it! Did you know that almost 30% of Prague inhabitants would like to ride their bikes if only conditions were more suitable for cycling?


Once you finish the ride the show will go on at
Palach Square/ Smetana Riverbank (Palachovo náměstí/Smetanovo nabřeží) with the CELEBRATIONS OF PRAGUE CARFREE DAY 2007
Bicycle zone – street cafes – music etc.