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It’s 15 years since the reopening of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre and the founding of the Krepsko group. FRAGILE first premiered in 2003 and it is to this day in the group’s repertory. It is no coincidence that it first premiered in Alfred ve dvoře and its return is good excuse for a shared 15th birthday party: lets celebrate 15 years of fragility! Those who want to stay late after FRAGILE can also catch Krepsko’s PUNCH AND JUDY PLAY PUPPET THEATRE... Come and join us!


“When you look at the piece of delicately spun glass you think of two things: how beautiful it is and how easily it can be broken…“
Tennessee Williams

FRAGILE explores, through a magnifying glass, the character Laura from Tennessee Williams´s play Glass Menagerie. Through her fragile presence we sink deep into mute yet joyful loneliness. FRAGILE is a visual theatre performance where the theatrical space itself is perceived as a performer. Through meticulous lighting, and almost obsessional details of gesture, we fall to pieces - together with Laura - into shards, which will doubtlessly need putting together again.

“Fragile is a great drama told in miniature, in which each every small movement is refined and fine-tuned. Delight.“ (Dr. Ruth Eshel, Ha’aretz, Israel)

Created by: K R E P S K O and Darinka Giljanović
Concept: Darinka Giljanović, Linnea Happonen, Petr Lorenc
Birected by: Linnea Happonen
Performed by: Linnea Happonen
Stage design: Darinka Giljanović
Light design: Petr Lorenc
Music: Luis F/iestas
special guest: Jiří Zeman


PUNCH & JUDY PLAY PUPPET THEATRE or discovering not only the charming beauty of a little puppet theatre but also the pain, hilarious fun and challenge of playing it.

Created by: KREPSKO
Performing: Linnea Happonen and Jiří Zeman
Music: Mayim Alpert

International theatre group KREPSKO was founded in 2001 in Prague. Starting with outrageous and brave improvisations, KREPSKO has created their own unique theatrical language based on enchanting atmospheres, dark fairytales and absurd tragicomical moments. They use aspects of circus and puppet theatre to tell stories without words, and to reach the deepest secrets and emotions of the audience. KREPSKO has created more than 20 shows, performed all around the world and garnered numerous awards.